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7 steps to animation

7 steps to animation

Every animation project is unique, however they all have quite the same process in place.
Below we inform you about our seven steps process.

1. Briefing

At the briefing we talk about your goals to understand the story you wish to communicate along with your target audience, deadline and budget requirements. Information we feed in to the script, style frames and storyboard.

2. Scripting

One of the most important parts of the animation project is the script. We are happy to work with your script, or help and collaboration to write your story. Either way, you will always have the opportunity to amend and finally sign off your script.

3. Style frames & Storyboarding

Based on the script, we present a concept storyboard. Also, we present a range of stylistic options based on that storyboard. You get the final call. Obviously, we are happy to work in accordance with your brand guidelines and requirements.

4. Voice-over

We offer a wide range of demo voices, male, female or mixed, multiple languages and multiple accents who match your requirements, brand and budget - if you already have your own voice over artist we're happy to accommodate this.

5. Animation

With the script, storyboard, style frames and voice-over signed off we can start animating. Animation is intensive work and it can take several weeks to complete, depending on the length of the animation. This is why it's essential we collaborate and sign off the previous sets.

6. Audio mix

After processing your feedback and thoughts for the animation we amend every detail until it’s perfect. Now we are ready to design custom-made audio fx and picking a fancy music track. We are even able to compose a unique, custom-made music track!

7. Sign off

We deliver your HD file(s) based on your technical requirements. Either the animation is for online usage, or for example broadcast with it’s special requirements, we are able to deliver your animation in the right format. Ready to go!


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